The Vernacularist Issue One: Vernacular Perspectives

The concept for starting The Vernacularist developed out of several projects initiated by the Depot Artspace with an emphasis on exploring Aotearoa/New Zealand’s unique cultural identity. Responses to these projects (such as the Cultural Icons series) seem indicative of an increasing voracity for people to find meaningful connection to a sense of self, of place and in time. One idea is The Vernacularist will aid this search for connection by acting as a medium for investigation, discussion and expression of many things vernacular (particular to a people, place or time) and of many things of personal meaning… beyond and before commodification. Culture, arts, social development, architecture, creativity, politics, sub-cultures and gender are just some of the subjects explored through this printed publication.

Issue one includes contributions from Linda Blincko, Barry Brickell, Nigel Brown, John Coley, Guy Collier, John Coutts, Mia Hamilton, Dominic Hoey (AKA Tourettes), Peter Jennings, Brendan Kitto, Rachel Liebert, Marie E Potter, Gregory J Smith, Michael Smythe, Tony Watkins and Benjamin Work.

Physical copies of this publication are available from the Depot Artspace for $5.00.