The Vernacularist Issue Five: Urban-Rural: The Great Divide?

The latest issue of The Vernacularist is themed Urban-Rural: The Great Divide? and explores in-depth the issues both cities and non-urban communities face, and the culture, values, landscape and creativity that now exist as a result. Full of original written and visual content, the publication is textured, topical and thought-provoking.

The contributors for this issue are (in alphabetical order): Emma Badeia, Riki Bennett, Linda Blincko, Nigel Brown, Jinki Cambronero, Dawson Clutterbuck, Louise Evans, Tim Flower, John Foster, Jack Gray, Vanessa Green, Fauze Hassen, Christopher Howard, Sophie Jerram, Kemi Niko & Co, Arohanui Lawrence, Sam Mesler, Sam Morrison, Jermaine Reihana,  Jessica Ward, and Tony Watkins. Their work paints a varied and diverse picture of Aotearoa New Zealand and how landscapes are an integral part of our identity.

Other contributors include participants from an online questionnaire developed to canvass and include a broad range of perspectives on this significant vernacular subject. The questionnaire provided an accessible way to engage with The Vernacularist and to expand the ideas contained in this issue, by adding more memories, reflections and opinions to the mix.

Urban-Rural: The Great Divide? will be available for sale for $30 in the gallery. We can also ship to any NZ address. Please contact us for copies.
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