We are inviting artists and other creatives interested in hiring the Depot Galleries at the Depot Artspace in Devonport from 23 December, 2017 through to 21 January, 2018, to get in touch with us!

This is a unique opportunity over a significant holiday period in a vibrant community, for an artist or group to hire the entire gallery space, and fully self-manage a ‘pop-up’, exhibition or other creative venture of your choosing. The Depot Galleries comprises of a large, open space and a smaller gallery, which exhibits a diverse range of works and presents many opportunities for exhibitors to use the space as their own.

The hirer will be entirely responsible for all aspects of the gallery including; installing the works, promotion, sales, staffing and dismantling their exhibition or display. A reasonable hire rate can be negotiated and the Depot will not take a commission from the sales of any work.  The only stipulation for the hire is that it cannot be a commercial enterprise or an extension of an existing shop or business.

No need to submit a proposal, we are looking for people who would like to hire the space and to hear the ideas you might have for utilising it!

So if you are interested in hiring the space for an opportunity to host a solo show, retrospective, ‘pop-up’, group show, or other creative venture, please get in touch with our Depot Gallery Manager, Amber Lamana, zn.oc1503351280.ecap1503351280strat1503351280oped@1503351280anama1503351280l.reb1503351280ma1503351280


The Depot Artspace is excited to have a full exhibition programme for the remainder of 2017. We are still happy to review proposals and will provide feedback on any received. We have currently not planned our 2018 programme, so any proposal received for 2018 will not be confirmed until after July of this year.

TO SUBMIT A PROPOSAL: Download a proposal form HERE (.doc format) fill in all of the fields and email it to zn.oc1503351280.ecap1503351280strat1503351280oped@1503351280anama1503351280l.reb1503351280ma1503351280

Please note:

  • Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. If your application is incomplete, you will be contacted and asked to complete the application.
  • Given the number of exhibition proposals we receive, not all applications can be accepted. Acceptance or not will be given on the information you provide in the proposal. If accepted, details such as costs, dates and exhibition duration will be covered in your contract.
  • All exhibitors at Depot Artspace Galleries must be members of Depot Artspace. If you propose a group exhibition/event, all people involved are required to become Depot members.  Membership is per annum.
  • Exhibitions of works where sales are not anticipated (installations, performance-based or video works) are also welcomed but under different conditions.

2017 Gallery Rental Costs (subject to change in 2018):

$500 (incl GST) per week + $100 bond refundable on conclusion of exhibition.

Gallery Split or Shared  
$275 (incl GST) for the front half the gallery + $50 bond refundable on conclusion of exhibition.

$225 (incl GST) for the back half of the gallery + $50 bond refundable on conclusion of exhibition.

This allows artists to share the Gallery and exhibit together or divide the space into two. 

Benefits for Members/Exhibitors

The Depot Artspace’s philosophy, creating an environment which encourages creating, is brought to life by the approach we hold in regard to exhibiting work. We are looking for proposals from artists with a strong cohesive body of work who are committed and want to attract and engage their audience, ensuring the success of the exhibition.

The Depot offers a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who will work closely with you to help you make your exhibition a success.

Gallery rental includes the following services:

  • Consultation prior to your exhibition.
  • Advice on marketing strategy and audience engagement.
  • Pricing advice and sales support.
  • Guidance on installation and set-up.
  • Email invitation to our mailing list of over 2,500 database.
  • Details of your exhibition on our website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Listings on Eventfinda, Artsdiary, Art News, Who Arted? (bFM), The Big Idea, The Flagstaff, our magazine LOUD and more.
  • Professional staff invigilation of the gallery six days a week. Sundays and public holidays are the responsibility of exhibiting artists.

Exhibiting in the Art Room or Pocket Gallery

Members may apply to exhibit in either the Art Room or the Pocket Gallery through a simple application process.  If you are not yet a member, please ensure to fill out the membership form as part of your application. Please ensure you thoroughly read the criteria and conditions for exhibiting at the Depot before applying.

TO APPLY: Download an application form HERE (.doc format) complete and email it to zn.oc1503351280.ecap1503351280strat1503351280oped@1503351280anama1503351280l.reb1503351280ma1503351280


If you have any questions please contact our Gallery Manager, Amber Lamana  zn.oc1503351280.ecap1503351280strat1503351280oped@1503351280anama1503351280l.reb1503351280ma1503351280