MORPH Magazine


From its original distribution as a free print magazine in the Auckland region, Morph magazine, the Depot Artspace’s arts and culture magazine for young people, is now online.
The Morph website features articles, overseas columnists, reviews and artist profiles. It talks about musicians, artists, actors, poets, initiatives and ideas of our time.
Morph is a magazine that celebrates the creative young person instead of exploiting them, or patronising their ability to represent themselves. An advertising-free production, it doesn’t attempt to mould trends or detract from the work and integrity of its contributors.

It’s an outlet for creativity and expression. Morph presents the chance to tell the world your stories whilst being supported in the process. At Morph you can hone your writing skills or try out new writing ideas. You can let us know about your observations of the world. You can tell us about those who inspire you. You can describe your community and the creativity that takes place around you. You can relate your vision for the future.

Even if you’re not a writer, there’s a place for you on the site. Whether you’re an artist, illustrator, photographer, or poet there’s always a way to slot you into Morph.

To find out about how you can contribute. Visit or email

‘True to its name Morph will continue to transmogrify along with time, circumstance and perspective that you, Morph reader, are able to bring to it.’
Editorial, Morph Edition #1