Exhibition Opening: Be There, Be Square Members Exhibition & Pigment Club

A big thank you to all our members that submitted 10″ x 10″ works for our Be There, Be Square Members Exhibition. What a great turn out!  Another big thank you to Issie and Jack who developed The Pigment Club, heaps of imaginative works have already been created and we look forward to seeing many more.

Mini Documentary: David Barker – Fragments

In light of David Barker’s new series of work, Fragments, The Depot Artspace is pleased to present a mini-documentary on the artist.

David Barker’s work is comprised of paintings that explore sea shells, sheds, ships, and skyscapes, and further examine Barker’s fascination with water and other natural elements including clouds.

His investigations of the sea and marine life are incredibly detailed and experly rendered using techniques that he has been developing througout his career, and from research in libraries, museums and in nature itself.

From his studio in Devonport, Auckland, Barker engages with his artistic practice that he has developed over his 75 years, after graduating from Elam School of Fine Arts.

The Depot’s Media Producer Amelia Harris made several visits to his studio to get to know Barker and his work and track the making of the exhibition.

The exhibition, comprised of 32 new works, features two free standing bifold screens, each a montage of marine images, and are included with four ‘shed’ paintings based on location sketches, along with skyscapes inspired Barker’s flight in a Boeing Dreamliner over Canada.

In Barker’s own words, “even with years of practice, painting has never become easy. I cannot say how long it takes to do a specific painting. The duration varies. Some paintings demand more time than others, but for me, all share an element of chance or risk. Each is but a ‘fragment’, a fixed format, a visual patch of life passing by.”

The Depot has been impressed by Barker’s refined methodologies and techniques and is thrilled to be exhibiting his work once again.

The exhibition runs from the 25 March – 12 April

Exhibition Opening: David Barker

A wonderful turn out on Saturday 25 March for the opening of David Barker’s exhibition Fragments. Thank you to David & Tanya Barker for all their hard work in putting the show together, and a huge thank you to Graham Downs and Robyn Gibson for their brilliant hang!

Exhibition opening: Fairburn Rocks

A wonderful turn out on Saturday 4 March for the opening of Fairburn Rocks. A huge thank you to Dinah Holman for curating and researching the exhibition, Denys Trussell for speaking and Ross Mullins for performing.

Welcome our new Gallery Manager, Amber Lamana!

The Depot is very pleased to introduce its new Gallery Manager, Amber Lamana.












Amber will oversee the Depot Gallery and the Pocket Gallery. Recently relocating from Edinburgh, Amber has experience in exhibitions and arts administration, including co-curating exhibitions and organising cultural events. She hopes to quickly immerse herself into the Depot culture to assist in further development of the diverse exhibitions program and the Pocket Gallery.


Artist Profile: David Barker

We are excited to announce that David Barker will be exhibiting a new series of work at Depot Artspace from Saturday 25 March – Wednesday 12 April 2017. Called Fragments, this exhibition further explores Barker’s fascination with water and other natural elements including clouds. We’ve been so impressed by Barker’s refined methodologies and techniques and plan to be able to disclose more details about his work, technique and theories in future videos.

For now though, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with Barker’s painting practice.

The Roaring Silence launches on Saturday 25 February

Join us on Saturday 25 February, 2 – 5pm for the launch of our new publication, The Roaring Silence.

The Roaring Silence is about suicide awareness, comprising contributions from 79 artists, writers, poets, and a few professionals from all generations and backgrounds, and from throughout the country who collectively communicate the message that life is both dark and bright and that none of us is immune from times of shadow.

Join us at 2pm, with selected readings from the authors at 2:30pm.

Drinks and snacks will be provided.

The Roaring Silence
$30.00 RRP

Watch the video below for a flick through the book:

Artist Profile: Priscilla Lowry

We recently had the pleasure of listening to Priscilla Lowry speak about her textile works, which were exhibited in the group show Written in Thread along with Ailie Snow and Priscilla Evans. Check out the video that was filmed by our Media Producer, Amelia Harris, below:

Priscilla Lowry trained as a Home Economics teacher, specialising in textiles and gained her BA from Auckland University majoring in Art History and Education. She was the owner and director of Gallery St John in Remuera which focused on hand worked silk, exhibiting everything from tiny exquisite items to wearable art. This period was followed by seventeen years in the UK where for six years she was the Director of the Schuster Gallery which specialized in illuminated manuscripts. During this time she obtained her MA in Medieval History from London University. This was followed by almost constant travelling in the UK and abroad, teaching and giving lectures and workshops on working with silk. Concurrently, she wrote two books published in the UK on the history of silk and a third book, The World of Silk on her return to NZ. For the last ten years she has been teaching Medieval History at Auckland University and has continued to give talks and workshops, and judge for major exhibitions of textiles. Her solo exhibition at Northart was entitled Silk: Deconstructed: Reconstructed which was followed by a shared exhibition with Joan Taylor in 2013 at the Depot Artspace, called Off the Wall, again focusing on silk in its many and diverse forms.

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