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The Depot Artspace is an open and inclusive creative community in Devonport, Auckland that encourages engagement in all art forms. Depot Artspace offers a variety of facilities, services and events that support the creative community including galleries, a professional development programme, publications, a recording studio and a design studio. You can explore them using the browser above.

The Depot Artspace philosophy of encouragement, support and inclusiveness has been its touchstone since 1996, the year it opened, and has been the basis on which the Depot has grown into a multi-disciplinary creative community encompassing all art forms and supporting artists at many different levels and across all generations.

This philosophy is encapsulated in its circular mantra “creating an environment that encourages creating….”

Over the years the Depot has been responsive to changing needs, interests, trends and opportunities and has developed services, activities and programmes accordingly.

Our Mission Statement is as follows:

  • The Depot Artspace is an open and inclusive creative hub established in Devonport, Auckland in 1996.
  • We employ the transformative capacity of the arts to engage, inspire and challenge the community.
  • The Depot supports and empowers artists and audiences through a network of innovative programmes and facilities including an art gallery, recording studio, professional development programme, and our publications.
  • We connect with relevant organisations to explore the possibilities of working collaboratively, sharing and developing resources, and discovering ways of best practice for the artistic community.
  • We strive to deepen our understanding and honour the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.
  • The Depot is uniquely positioned to grow and promote the arts and address social issues locally and regionally.

Classical sociologist and utopian, Lewis Mumford, in 1922 describes here the ideal society that the Depot Artspace philosophy aspires to:

“A community whose life is not irrigated by art and philosophy is a community that exists only half alive. The fundamental values of a true community are to be found in poetry, art, music and the free use of the imagination… the production of non-profit-making goods, the enjoyment of non-consumable wealth. Here are the sustaining values of a living culture.”

Our Values:

    • At the Depot, we value community.
      We work together and we put people first.
    • At the Depot, we are encouraging.
      We support each other and our community to reach our common goals.
    • At the Depot, we value innovation.
      We look for new possibilities, we adapt to change and we’re not afraid to think differently.
    • At the Depot, we are inclusive.
      We are people-focused, fair and welcoming to everyone.
    • At the Depot, we empower people.
      We provide our community with opportunities, we inspire confidence, and give people the tools to achieve.
    • At the Depot, we take time to reflect.
      We research, we consider, and we learn from both our successes and our failures.
    • At the Depot, we are professional.
      We consistently work to high standards, we respect expertise and knowledge, and we deal with everyone equally.
    • At the Depot, we value courageous leadership.
      We strive to question, to take a stand and be heard, and to tackle the big issues.


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